2.8" TFT touch Shield v1 w/ Arduino UNO r3

I know you guys hate when we post things in the wrong area and/or don’t read past post for a solution first. I believe this to be the right spot for this and I went back about 12 pages looking for a solution.

I just want my new touch screen to display something besides white light. Please send me a good example code (however basic) and the appropriate libraries. I just need a boost to get started.


Additional examples included with the libraries.

Hi, I am using your 2.8’’ TFT Touch Shield v1.0 with my Arduino Uno. Using the Arduino 1.0.5 software running Windows. I have read through all the previous questions other people have asked, but haven’t found anything helpful. I imported the library files I got from the wiki site provided. After it says the library was successfully added. They indeed show up in the library files. I tried uploading the examples but I receive errors on them all.

An example error I get is (drawCircle.ino: In function ‘void setup()’: drawCircle:36: error: ‘Tft’ was not declared in this scope…)
I’ve imported the zip folder to the library files just as the arduino website instructs.
Please Help, and thanks for your Time.

I will chase down that url, thanks for taking the time. However I made attempts before and they ended in situations similar to the fella that posted his question after mine. I suppose it has something to do with my ide version. I am experiencing great back pain so I won’t be able to reply as soon as I would like. I guess what I was looking for was just a little bit of code that would paint the touch screen a separate color so I can confirm it works.

The error, ‘Tft’ was not declared in this scope’, indicates the library files are not found, so the path is not correct, or, there are duplicate or same named folders in the Library folder. I’m running a Mac, but here’s what I have which works:

Within TFT and TouchScreen are the examples folder, and the library files (TFT.cpp for example).

If I remember correctly, the zip file has to be removed from the Library folder.


The 1.05 IDE comes with a TFT folder for the Arduino TFT, not the SEEEDUINO TFT. Remove-Hide-Rename this folder and replace with or install the 1.04 compatible SEEEDUINO TFT folder and it should work.