2.8" TFT Touch Shield [V1] - Printing Data


I have Version 1 of the Seeeduino 2.8" TFT Touch Screen from Radioshack. Currently, I am making a reef controller for my aquarium. I want the TFT to print data (hopefully live data) on the screen, such as temperature and pH. I am able to gather data from the probes and print them in the serial monitor. Although, I have no clue on how to transmit recorded data to the TFT.

There seem to be no topics on it that I can find or tutorials.

Would someone be willing to help me out on a tutorial for V1 or help me out with the code.

I will need to use both analog and digital pins.

Thank you.


hi milesmiles902

tell me what Arduino you are using and what TFT.library


I am using the Arduino Mega 2650.

The TFT.library I am using is on this page:


I just want to be able to print live sensor data and for it to refresh.

Any help is appreciated.


hi milesmiles902
I copied these out of TFT.cpp
I use them both drawNumber prints an intiger 123 and drawFloat prints a foating point num 123.00
TFT.drawNumber(number or var,poX, poY,size,fgcolor)
TFT.drawFloat(number or var,poX, poY,size,fgcolor)

email me for more if you want “jimsatsea”@“sbcglobal”.“net”