2.8" TFT Touch Shield shows Backlight Only

Hi everyone. Sorry for what is probably going to be a dumb question, but I’m new to this. I received my parts yesterday (Seeeduino 1.0, Netduino Plus, LCD, TFT, SD, Grove & Twigs, etc.). I got the Seeeduino, software, grove shield and many twigs up and running in no time. It’s quite simple and I’m very impressed with how easy to use everything is.

However, I just tried setting up the 2.8" TFT Touch Shield and it won’t work right (probably from something I’m doing). The backlight comes on with a white background, but that’s it. I’ve tried several built-in sketches which compile and upload successfully. Currently I’m trying the drawCircle and drawLine sketches which use the TouchScreen and TFT libraries found at the link below.

TFT Libraries

The board is running in 3.3v mode per one of the wiki’s I found and I’ve even tried with an external battery in case there isn’t enough power from my USB port. I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong, or if the screen is just defective.

Thanks for your help!

I finally got the error codes figured out, should’ve unzipped them in the libraries folder from the start. Copy and paste just doesn’t work. With that problem out the way, all I get now is just backlight, won’t draw circles or anything.

Yea, have you figured out what the issue is yet?