2.8" TFT Shield V1 Not working with WIFI Shield?

I noticed if I include #include <WiFi.h> in my

#include <stdint.h>
#include <TouchScreen.h>
#include <TFT.h>

Right away the TFT is just a white screen and does not recognize any code. , However if I comment out or take away “#include <WiFi.h>” it then works as designed.
Can I not have both a Arduino WifiShield and the 2.8" TFT Shield V1connected at the same time?

If I can, how do I fix this do I need to return the 2.8" TFT Shield V1 and buy the 2.8" TFT Shield V2
Thank you

Hi Rene,

TFT Shiled V1 have used most of the Arduno ports, so it can not connected to Arduino with WifiShield at the same time. There is only way to solve it is to use hardware serial port D0/D1 for WifiShield , but it hard to do . Hence, suggest you use TFT Shield V2 replace of TFT Shield V1.


hi,Arduino WifiShield and the 2.8" TFT Shield V1 can’t work together at the same time,but TFT Shield v2 is ok.
Enjoy it.

Got it, I will return the V1 to RadioShack since it is useless and I will buy the V2. Thank you so much for your quick assistance and response. I am sure the V2 will be much better product for my needs.