2.8"TFT SD card Mega pins select and others

I am using the Arduino Mega DTK, SD card v3.1, 2.8" TFT v1.0, and radio shack camera
2760248. I have the Mega on the bottom, then pins 10,11,12,13 of the SD card shield
bent inward and jumpered to pins SD pin10 to 53 of the mega and TFT pin10 to A4 (I cut the trace on the sd card and ran two jumpers),51,50,52
and the TFT on top of that. The jpeg camera I have hooked to mega pins 16,17.

I’m confused as to what what pin the tft screen select pin is and the SD select pin I
don’t currently have the camera hooked to the SPI. I want to say pin10 of the TFT that
I have jumpered to mega A4 on the bottom of the SD card and SD pin10 to mega pin53. The SD card I understand uses pin4 as select or is it pin10?
Acording to the page at
seeedstudio.com/wiki/2.8%27% … on_Arduino
D4 is slso used as - LCD data bit 10. on the TFT.

So I’m very confused about the way the LCD screen comunicates and how to wire these to the Mega DTK. I’m assuming it uses the SPI, but then what about all the other pins?

I cant get anything to work not the camera, the TFT, the touch, or the SD card.
I finally found and think installed the libraries corectly but I’m not even sure of that.
I find it very hard to find information on any of these things for some reason.
I even failed to figure out how to post on this board until now.
Can you help?
I dont even have a way to test each part to see if they are working.
there must be a way to test them.
thanks for any help I can get.