2.8" TFT R1.0 Sample Code

I can not get the sample code to compile with the error
sketch_jul08b:71: error: ‘class TFT’ has no member named ‘IC_CODE’

I have the libraries from the wiki, even used the old one. I searched the forum to see what others have done, only found one guy who said he fixed it but did not tell how.

Any help or suggestions?

What version of the Arduino SDK are you using. I could not get v1.0.5 to work I had to switch back to v1.0.4.


Dave M.

The 1.05 package includes a TFT folder in the libraries that is for the Arduino TFT device. Move this folder to another location and move the 1.04 folders, TFT and TouchScreen (both Seeduino LIBs) to the 1.05 Libraries to use with the v1.0 touchscreen shield. All my touchscreen projects work this way under v1.05.