2.8" TFT LCD V2.0 text direction ADDED

Hello all disgruntled users of the V2 display whose library does not include text direction. I have added code to the .cpp and .h files to add text direction. I have tested the new files with one of my own projects and - success. I have also tested with the V1.0 example, text4Directions, and that also works fine. In the setup for that sketch, change the #include file from <TFT.h> to <TFTv2.h>, and add #include <SPI.h>. I also commented out the TouchScreen #include as it isn’t used in this sketch. Finally, in void setup(), change from Tft.init; to Tft.TFTinit();.

I’ve also added a couple colors and changed the original name BRIGHT_RED to PINK. You can change back if you use the BRIGHT_RED color name already.

I have buttons in my project and I haven’t remapped them to the portrait orientation of the V2.0 LCD, so I tried the V1.0 TouchScreen library. It mostly works…there is some flickering of one of my buttons, and some ‘automatic’ button pushing I’m not pushing on, so I will investigate that to see if that library will be compatible with the V2.0 LCD.

Finally, I’m uploading the three modified files (keywords.txt, TFTv2.cpp and TFTv2.h) to this forum…I hope.

OOPS…the forum upload disallows the extension .cpp and maybe .h, so I’ll try TFTv2c and TFTv2h.


Bummer…the board showed the files uploaded but I have no idea where. I’ll put them at the arduino forum in the Displays section: http://forum.arduino.cc//index.php?PHPSESSID=cfhirj68nprrd5uq2k3vushiq3&topic=150900.0

thanks for this version~ It’s really a great work :smiley:

to help some other guys who use TFT2.0, maybe we should update the firmware~

I am new to this forum, so maybe this is a stupid question. Where exactly are these files? I even tried to find them at the Arduino forum link you provided, but no luck. I am trying to work around text direction with the v2 and the ability to see your solution would be a huge help.


I don’t frequent this board much so I hope by now you have found the files.

If not, here’s a more explicit link: http://forum.arduino.cc//index.php?PHPSESSID=cfhirj68nprrd5uq2k3vushiq3&topic=150900.0

This will take you to the topic on the Arduino Forum. You will have to login (create an account if you don’t have one) in order to see the file links. There are 3 files to download.