2.5W solar panel Output Current


Looking for clarification on the use of 2.5W solar Panel (Small Solar Panel 116x160mm 2.5W). May I get any data that helps with the possible output, maybe a Voltage vs current or Power vs current to help with my application. My application requires a current of about 400mA and a Voltage of 5V. But I don’t see the nominal current rating of 450mA even though voltage is at nominal value. Please help me with this.

Maybe you need more solar panels.

HI Baozhu,
Is there any compatible solar voltage regulator I can use with the panel to get a voltage of 5V?

Hi @srividhya
Sorry, there is no solar voltage regulator on our website. Maybe you can take this 5W CIGS Solar cloth into consideration.

Hi Jiachenglu,
If possible, I would like to use the current one. Please suggest a way to regulate the output.

Hi @srividhya
It is impossible to regulate the current to 400mA, but the voltage could be 5V with the Lipo Rider Plus (Charger/Booster) - 5V/2.4A USB Type C.

Thank you, jiachenglu. Is it possible to get the V-I plot of the panel?

Hi @srividhya
Please refer to below V-I plot.
The test condition is AM1.5, E=1000W/m², T=25°c,Light intensity=38000lux.
Vm=5.5V Voc= 6.4V Im= 180mA ±5% Isc= 190mA±5%.d4c32022a6211ffe13e358bc9470033