1st time. Not sure I've got drilling info correct


This is my first attempt at using Fusion (or any other PCB service) and I’m wondering if I’ve prepared my gerber correctly, or if the viewer just doesn’t like Excellon drill data.

I’ve designed my board in Eagle, and used the seeed 2 layer cam processor I downloaded from knowledgebase/articles/422482-fusion-pcb-order-submission-guidelines

When I zip up the files and upload the zip to the fusion order page I click on the gerber viewer button and the resulting image shows the drill holes to be massively out of place, see the attached file ‘weird gerber viewer output’

In the cam job I’ve left everything as supplied so in the the drills&holes the device is set to Excellon, pos. Coord and Optimize are ticked in the style section, and I have layers 46 Drills, 45 Holes and 107 Crop selected.
The crop layer doesn’t have anything in it.

I’ve also attached the zip I was uploading to the order page in case that helps.

Am I outputting the gerber incorrectly, or is this just a weird thing with the viewer?
SimpleV1Gerber.zip (55.7 KB)

As an update, after browsing around various other bits of the web I think the problem was that I’m using Eagle 7.2 and in the cam job needed to select Excellon_24 as the drilling device.

Doing so makes the board appear correctly in the Seeed gerber viewer (and others that I’d tried) so I’ve submitted the job and we’ll see what happens. I’ll add an update when it either gets rejected or accepted in case it helps anyone else in future.

So did this work out for you? I’ve got what I think is a similar situation. This is my very first PCB and everything looks great except the drilling info shows up empty when I used the downloaded .cam file.

Once I changed it to the EXCELLON_24 like you mentioned, everything appears perfect in the preview.

Just want to know if this is worth submitting.