15-bit (RGB:555) firmware for Rainbowduino

I have the initial version of 15-bit firmware for Rainbowduino available for public consumption. You can find it at Google Project:


I also have a similar project for the Colorduino. At some point when I can figure out how to get the Arduino IDE to do more useful things (like automake/autoconf automatic #defines) I will merge the two versions together. For now they are separate although they will share a lot of common code.

Features in this version:

  • 15-bit depth (slightly blinky, but you won’t notice it if you have a lot of fast-changing animation going on)
  • calibration buffers (see source code)
  • two cool effects (plasma and the matrix rain drop)

Planned for next version(s):

  • put back the drawing primitives
  • more effects
  • sample master/slave communication?

You can see sample of the firmware in action at: