13.56Mhz RFID module

I recnetly got the 13.56Mhz RFID module, but i cant get it to read out the rfid card.
I only get ok codes back for all the system commands.
For all the other commands i get error codes, even when i am sending the exact stuff
that is in the documentation.
So does any one have maybe a working code for processing or arduino? Or a better documentation?
I especially need the inventory command to work.

Thanks in advance.


What type of card are you using?

I am trying to get one one these readers working with ISO14443A cards, the documentation is rubbish. I am about to order an ISO15693 card, the commands for that type are better documented so I may have more luck.

I have found that some of the commands need to have an extra parameter added that is not in the documentation, you may well be having the same problem.

This may well be a great reader, but without ACCURATE and COMPLETE documentation I may never get to find out :frowning:

hey, i have one of these aswell,
tho i cant get anything back from the rfid module, ive tryied sending a command, but i dont receive anything back,

i send the command for GetSerNum (0x83) copied from the example
heres my code, but this is just to test if i receive and serial data, but i dont.
the led is turned on when it receives data, just to visualy see incase it didnt go to serial through the computer

my setup is Arduino Mega
antenna plugged in to the correct port
rfid Arduino Mega
J2 p2 (rx) pin 16 (serial2 tx)
J2 p3 (tx) pin 12 (serial2 rx)
J2 p4 (gnd) power gnd
J2 p5 (+5v) power 5v

any help would me appreciated, as i was really looking forward to getting this module working
thanks :slight_smile:

[code]int ledPin = 13;

byte inByte;
byte outByte[6];

void setup() {
digitalWrite(ledPin, LOW); // set the LED off

outByte[0] = 0xAA;
outByte[1] = 0x00;
outByte[2] = 0x01;
outByte[3] = 0x83;
outByte[4] = 0x82;
outByte[5] = 0xBB;

Serial2.write(outByte, 6);

void loop() {

if (Serial2.available() > 0) {
inByte = Serial2.read();
Serial.println(inByte, DEC);
digitalWrite(ledPin, HIGH); // set the LED on


You should definitely be seeing a reply to that command. assuming that it arrives at the RFID module correctly.

I have used the test program that I knocked up to run on a PC, and the packet it sends to get the serial number is identical to the one in your code. It is written in VB express 2008 and is rather crude but it is still a lot easier than using embedded code to try out the commands. No guarantees that the attached installer will work at all, but it has to be worth a try!

You will also need a TTL serial to USB cable, I use one of these.
RFID install.zip (223 KB)

I’m currently using the Arduino Duemilanove and am having the same problem. The best luck I’ve had is random numbers coming through the console and the “LEDR” light on pin J1-4 would flash when I card came near it (it would also do some random flashing when no card was there from time to time), but after many attempts to communicate with the reader, it now won’t even do that. Has anyone been able to get an arduino sketch working with this reader?

I’ve tried using the RFID program posted above and connected the reader to the computer via a USB - TTL cable to bypass the arduino. I am now able to get a response from the reader but whenever I use the Mifare Get SNR command (25), it tells me that the card does not exist even though the card is sitting right on the antenna. Could this be a problem with my antenna?

I’m thinking there must be something else I’m doing wrong as when I try the Mifare Read command (20) with the card on top of the antenna I get an error “ISO 14443: The authentication failed”, but when I move the card away it goes back to the “card do not exist” error… Not real sure where to go from here, any suggestions would be welcome… has anyone been able to find better documentation?

Have You got RFID module working?
I found that card seeedstudio.com/depot/mifare … l?cPath=40
is made by FUDAN fmsh.com/english/product_chipcard.php?category=3 (there are some description in PDF)
and full list of commands You can get here idtronic.de/products_downloa … tation.zip
plus there are demo programm.
My reader works fine with card from seeed via bus pirate.
Hope this info will help You.

ps I use 0x25 to get serial and 0x20 to read memory block

btw RESET pin must be set from Hi to Lo after powering module to get it work