128x128 oled v1.1?

I see v1.0 and v2.0 info. The one you sent says v1.1. What controller is in this one? ssd1327? sh1107? Thanks.

Hi there,

Grove - OLED Display 1.12" is 96X96. SSD1327 is V1.0 and SH1107G is V2.1. thanks.


The display that arrived has a blue sticker that says OLED display 1.12" v1.1. Dont see any data for this version. Do you sell a 1.12" oled v1.1? If so, which controller is does it use?

Hi there, do you mind taking picture about the backside of the oled? by the way, please try OLED_Display_96X96-master\examples\OLED_SSD1327_v1 first. thanks.


I got the arduino hello world to compile and run using sh1107, 12 lines of 11 chars. 128x128 box would be better. I have used the ssd1306 with a 128x32 and a 128x64 oled. The idea is draw into a buffer in ram, then copy the whole buffer to the oled. 128x32 is 4096 pixels, buffer takes 512 bytes. The 128x64 buffer takes 1024 bytes, both fit in the 2K ram on the mega328. 128x128 is 16384 pix which would need 2048 bytes for a buffer in ram. My plan is to write directly to the screen using the read modify write commands in the sh1107. My question is: can you find a smart programmer to draw one 128 pix horizontal line across the top of the oled, and one 128 pix vertical line down the side, and for extra credit, read back the byte at pix 0,0. Should be 0xff? Read back the byte at 0,128. Should be 0x80? Post c source. Dont want c++, c#, python, lua etc. Thanks!

“Seems like” I should be able to read back from the display because twi can read and write, and the sh1107 controller has an id register that can be read. The datasheet says the id reads back as 0x07. Can someone/anyone with a 128x128 display try to read the id reg? If you can see a 7, will you post the code that reads it? Thanx so much in advance.

I figgered it out. Can fill and clear screen, cant get single pixels yet…
void readid(void){
//read id = 7
unsigned char id;

twistart(); //send start
twiadr(0x78 + 1); //adr + read bit
id = Get_byte_and_NACK(); //read id byte from oled
cprintf(“id %02x\n”,id);


[attachment=0]128x128v1.1.jpg[/attachment]<LINK_TEXT text=“download/file.php?mode=view&id=2862”>https://forum.seeedstudio.com/download/file.php?mode=view&id=2862</LINK_TEXT>

Can someone show an example of how to use the read-modify-write start and end opcodes?