125KHz RFID Reader distance


I’m using the component: http://wiki.seeedstudio.com/Grove-125KHz_RFID_Reader/

I have build a program using Python with raspberry zero to read the RFID tag number and everything is working fine. I was just wondering how I can boost the reading distance. Can I push up the input voltage? Can I set a parameter? Do I need to build a new antenna?

I would like a reading distance of 8 cm, but now I must push the badge against the antenna to get a read.

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Hi Sander,

You can change to 51*82 antenna to extend the ranger. But we do not sale the antenna separately. How many quantity do you need? thanks.


Hello, I only need 1 antenna.

Can you confirm that this antenna gives a reading distance of 70mm?

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Hi there, it shall be able to. But we do not sale antenna this moment. thanks.