125Khz RFID module - Wiegand

I am having trouble trying to read serial data from a Wiegand 125Khz RFID module. I am using a Freeduino board and am trying to view RFID card numbers with Processing. I have also downloaded and burned the sample code from the Seeedstudio website into the Freeduino. Serial pulses can be seen coming from the RFID module using an oscilloscope. I am trying to build an RFID interface for my garage door opener. Serial data is being sent into pins 8 and 9 on the freeduino.

I would be grateful for any help.

Thank You

hi,I think you didn’t change the baud rate to combine with the code when you download the code to your Freeduino,you should change it to 115200 baud,or you use the wrong card,you should use 125khz RFID tag combo,which is
seeedstudio.com/depot/125khz … p-194.html


Do I feel silly. I was sure I checked the baud rate but thought it was worth a try. It worked. Sometimes I can’t see the forest for the trees.

Thank You!