125Khz RFID module -- getting garbage back

I’ve connected the RFID module to the bus pirate v2go and all I get when I try to read a tag are a bunch of 0s
I’ve also tried it with P4 adapter (1strecon.org/TheShoppe/pa/index.shtml#P4) and get garbage in minicom

I set bus pirate to UART, 9600, 8N1, idle 0, normal output

Using the 5-tag combo I got here

P.S. Also powering the reader from bus pirate; with P4 used external power.

can your post the data you got here and we can get more information about your issue .

Maybe I got wiegand version instead of UART?
Here’s the readout from my oscilloscope:

Edit: Note: the spikes are ~1ms apart. Idle is 5V, spike drops that to 0V.

The data from bus pirate is a bunch of 0x00s or 0xFFs, depending on polarity.
Edit: this makes sense… bits 1ms apart look like a bunch of 0s followed by a stop bit when baud is 9600 (bits should be 0.1ms apart there)

Connected 2nd scope lead to the 2nd pin – Wiegand protocol confirmed