125 KHz RFID reader

Been trying to get the 125 KHz RFID reader to work with the RFID_Wiegand_INT sketch and it is not working. Which port on the Stem Mega Shield (latest version) is it suppose to connect to? The Serial Monitor is not showing any response.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Just follow the instructions on the code for Wiegand mode:
“data0/rx is connected to pin 2, which results in INT 0”
“data1/tx is connected to pin 3, which results in INT 1”

I am having problems with the 125kHz RFID module as well (ELB149C5M).

The demo software is loaded on an Arduino, the Arduino pins and antenna are connected to the RFID module as shown in the wiki documentation and source code.

The power LED on my RFID module lights up as expected, but the signal LED remains dead.
Only when connecting to the 5v power pin from Arduino will the signal LED flash briefly, as the reader starts up.

I have been trying to get a reading using the 125kHz card and key tags (5-combo set) with no luck.
Cannot even trigger a single blink from the signal LED this way (I assume these cards/tags are compatible with this reader).
All connections have been tested/disconnected/connected several times, just to make sure this is not caused by a bad wire somewhere.
Using a multimeter, I measured the antenna DC resistance as well - it does not seem to be broken (resistance is low).

I would appreciate any feedback to help me get this module up and running.

I am having the same problem as well. can somebody help us on this?

I realize this is a bit of an older thread but I was also having issues with the SEN11425P reader that I hooked up for the first time yesterday and wanted to share. After hooking up the RFID reader to the correct pins, 2 & 3, and uploading the example sketch I could scan any one of my RFID key fobs and the green transmit LED would illuminate as it should but I would never get any info displayed in the serial console. After some basic troubleshooting I decided to add a Serial.print to display the bits before they were added to the RFIDcardNum array and it turns out the bits are inverse of what the number on the FOB should be.

Code added :

//only if isData1Low = 1, card bit could be 1
RFIDcardNum[2-(recvBitCount-2)/8] |= (isData1Low << (7-(recvBitCount-2)%8));

Results for one of my FOBs : 11101000 00001011 00111010 that equals 15207226 and is not the correct tag number
Results should be : 00010111 11110100 11000101 that equals 1569989 and is correct

I have tried this on all the RFID FOBs I have and the same holds true. The reason there is no display of the card number is because it is not passing the checkParity() routine. Am I misunderstanding something in the Wiegand specs and the bits should be inverse or is this just a bug in the example code?