125 kHz RFID - Checksum


I bought the Grove 125 kHz RFID Reader and am now trying to interface it on my Raspberry Pi.

On the Wiki page (http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Grove_-_125KHz_RFID_Reader) it states that besides of the data bits an additional checksum is transmitted. How do I calculate this for verification in my program? The documentation is very incomplete concerning this topic when compared to the normal 125 kHz readers (not the Grove ones).

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Now not all grove modules or other modules are tested with Raspberry Pi, and This list are including some modules which have been tested, and you can find a corroding program using with Pi. Also, you can leave your feedback on our feedback system, let your requirement known by our engineers.


The correct url is: http://www.seeedstudio.com/wiki/Groves_compatible_with_Raspberry_Pi

If you are using Grove modules with a Raspberry Pi, I recommend you check out the GrovePi+ by Dexter Industries
dexterindustries.com/site/?p … spberry-pi

I you want to use analog sensors with your Raspberry Pi, you’ll soon discover it does not have an ADC.
You need to use an external IC or connect another microcontroller, such as an Arduino.

The GrovePi is a custom Arduino board which stacks on the Raspi GPIO and exposes 6x digital IO (3 with PWM), 3x analog IO, 3x I2C and 2x serial Grove sockets.