120V AC and 220V AC Nano.

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I know that the subject was already discussed but my English is not very good and I lost myself a little in all this discussion.

A member on this forum had posted this bond Internet http://www.cromwell-intl.com/radio/probes.html to build probes 10x. I did not build myself these probes but I had the idea to connect in series 2 resistors of 3.3M and 2.2M (for a total of 5.5M) to each one as of the my probes (white and black). I have to connect to input of my resistor a cable directly connected to my faceplate of 120V AC, and I connected my probes (white and black) to the exit of my resistors to input of Nano. Here what I obtained(see attachment).

Is what all that is correct? Is what I can better do? Is what I can also connect this assembly on 220V AC?
If I understood well, when I am connected on the 120V, one should not be connected at the same time on the USB port!
When I touch the aluminum case of Nano, there is a light rise in the voltage. Why?

When I bought my Nano, I believed that I was limited to connect 40V maximum. I am quite happy of my purchase when I note now that I can connect until 400V according to information given by BenF here download/file.php?id=457

Surprising this small Nano!

Thank you with all for your assistance!

Dear customer,

Glad to know you can build a probe by yourself to use with NANO.

But I still need to remind you, we suggest Max input voltage is 80Vpp.
And you should view the schematic to know when we detect the voltage there is some resistance in different channel.

So might be if you turn the wrong one could be burn!.
Here is the schematic.

code.google.com/p/dsonano/downlo … Scheme.pdf

And thanks for your sharing about the probe.

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If I buy the probe 10x compatible with Nano with adapter TRS 3.5mm, there will be no danger or I must add a resistance?.

Thank you!

Dear customer,

It is not about resistance or probe. It just you can use it to over then 80 Vpp.
So if you build a probe by yourself, still can work correctly below 80Vpp.

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Ok, thank you. I will buy soon a probe 10x with adapter TRS 3.5mm.
I can with Nano V2 use this probe 1x-10x with adapter TRS 3.5mmhttp://www.robotshop.com/ca/100mhz-scope-probe-1.html

Thank’s yuriq!

Here one from Seeed seeedstudio.com/depot/bnc-os … th=178_180

It looks 1x-10x with regular BNC. So with adapter TRS 3.5mm should work with DSO Nano V2.


Yes I know that there functions with the Nano.
But I would like to know if this one http://www.robotshop.com/ca/100mhz-scope-probe-1.html functions with the Nano, naturally with adapter TRS 3.5mm.

Thank you.