10X probe for Nano V2.0

Hi. Do you have a schematic for a 10X probe for Nano V2.0?

Sorry, there’s no schematic for this product.

Is there somewhere I can buy it?

Buy the probe?Or the schematic?
Here is our probe purchase website.

seeedstudio.com/depot/mcx-pr … th=178_180

The probe. But mine is Nano V2.0. This probe will not fit…

Yes, but you can use TRS(3.5mm) to BNC probe converter(DSO nano compatible) for this 10X probe.We haven’t have NANO 10X probe.

seeedstudio.com/depot/trs35m … th=178_181

yuriq, one last question.
I checked the manuals, and i saw that Nano V2 have a input impedance of 500K and DSO Quad a input impedance of 800K.
The probes of DSO Quad will work correctly on Nano V2? As i understand, a 10X probe for Nano V2 needs a additional resistance of 4.5K and for the DSO Quad 7.2K.


If you view the schematic in Eagle of Nano then you can see that each input port channel has different resistances.
So if you persist to use X10 probe, you can choose a INP.scale to X10 then the software would compensation in value.
But also have some deviation.

This probe looks like mini BNC? Will it fit on the adapter that look regular BNC below?

seeedstudio.com/depot/trs35m … th=178_181

Dear customer,

Yes it is mini one only for DSO Quad.
So it is not fix with seeedstudio.com/depot/trs35m … th=178_181.


You can build probe x10 http://www.cromwell-intl.com/radio/probes.html

See my topic http://www.seeedstudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=12&t=3060

Thanks gtr.

Is this a 1x-10x probe? It should work with Nano v2 with adapter I think. seeedstudio.com/depot/bnc-os … th=178_180