build your own cross-compiler !!!

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Re: build your own cross-compiler !!!

Post by ant9000 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 7:03 am

tormod wrote: That's a really great tool! Awesome how you could make it so clean and compact with python.
Well, er, thanks a lot!
Actually I thought it was not sufficiently clean, but compact it is for sure - Python is a very good language for short and quick tools.
tormod wrote: I have a few wishes:
- a list option that only decodes the files but does not write new files
- an option to set usb ID (defaulting to 0483:df11, which most DfuSe loaders already use, makes sense)
- add your name and copyright, and let me add it to the git tree
If you use it as python <file.dfu>, the script already decodes the dfu file only; to dump the contained images, you need to add -d.

In the attached version I've added an option for setting the USB id from the command line - the DSO nano is the only ST thingie I have, so I had not thought someone would need it - thanks for asking.

Also, I've added a license line: for me LGPL3 is perfectly fine. Of course, if you'd like to put it under git you are more than welcome!

Thanks for your gcc work, btw - I'm trying to follow, but git is not yet a beast I've tamed ;-)

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Re: build your own cross-compiler !!!

Post by tomwid » Mon Nov 22, 2010 3:48 pm

tormod wrote:rich and tomwid, can you please see if you encounter any trouble (libusb, echo -e) building the latest official dfu-util code at ? They plan a dfu-util 0.2 release next week, so it would be good to report MacOSX issues and have them fixed before the release.

I guess most trouble you had building my dfuse branch would be the same in the upstream code, so it would be good to have it fixed there for everybody.
Bit late but I did pull the latest changes from your git repository yesterday and now everything builds correctly without any issues using the instructions I posted earlier :)

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