Grove HM-11 is stuck when receiving connection

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Grove HM-11 is stuck when receiving connection

Post by baloemobiel » Mon Sep 09, 2019 9:35 pm

I have a Grove HM-11 module, and it's hooked up to my Arduino.

It's working fine, I have set it to master mode to detect nearby Bluetooth devices.
I use these commands during cold boot up:
I also bought some cheap BLE iTAGs (about 2 dollars each). They are not very good and the range is only about 10 meters.
I always use AT+DISC? to start scanning. I do this every 5 seconds.
I noticed that the LED on the module is blinking.

I left everything on during the night. In the morning I came back, and I noticed that the BLE module is no longer responding to AT commands.
I also noticed that the LED on the BLE module no longer was blinking. Instead it was turned on.
From the terminal log I noticed the last text received from the BLE module: AT+CONN. What does this mean?

I remembered that when I connected the BLE module for the first time, the LED was also turned on.
The first thing I tried in the morning, was disconnecting the BLE module. When I did this, the iTAG started beeping?!

Is the iTAG responsible for this behavior?
Can I prevent that BLE devices connect to the BLE module?

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