Grove Selection Guide - Feed-back

Grove is a modulated, ready-to-use tool set.
Much like Lego, it takes a building block approach to assembling electronics.

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Grove Selection Guide - Feed-back

Post by reivilo » Thu Sep 05, 2019 1:54 am


Congratulations for the excellent initiative of the Grove Selection Guide!

Actually, I've been maintaining my own list for a while.

As some modules may require 5V for power but operate the I²C bus at 3.3V, may I suggest to mention two voltages: one for Signal Voltage, another for Power Voltage?

Similarly, the provided link only goes to the product page. Adding a link to the wiki page would be great!

Finally, how to know which boards (Arduino, Raspberry Pi, ...) a given Grove module is compatible with?

Keep the great work!

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Re: Grove Selection Guide - Feed-back

Post by bill.yu » Thu Sep 26, 2019 3:43 pm


Thank you so much for your suggestions!

We have received your advice and fed them back to our team and we will soon update it.

By the way, this is the address of compatibility list:

Thanks sincerely,
JL from Seeed

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