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Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing

Posted: Thu Jul 11, 2019 10:40 am
by baqwas
Just received the Grove AI HAT for Edge Computing. Now I'm torn between continuing my evaluation of Maixduino or working with the HAT on RPi. I have the HAT mounted on Raspberry Pi 2B. Where are the "setup" instructions for using the HAT with RPi? I see some Arduino articles that I have become familiar with given recent work on Maixduino but I need some very, very basic starter instructions. For example,
  • Power connectivity: can I power the RPi through the HAT Type C port? I understand that the other way around (RPi power to HAT) is fine.
  • What libraries do I need to install on the RPi (for C/C++ and Python) development?
  • Is there any Hello World exercise? I saw the YouTube video but that had only image classification (Trump, Obama & cat)
  • I am assuming that Raspbian Buster is supported?
Eagerly looking forward to your assistance and advice. Kind regards.