Xiao Grove Shield - Trace Layout - EasyEDA file

Can someone provide the trace layout or easyeda file compatable for Xiao Grove Shield

I am wanting to modify to make a connector to NRF24 , want to make a custom board and also see if i can tie into lines at the board break-off point


Hi there,
I think it’s an attachment at the end of the WiKi… and you can view it 3D in the viewer there too.
select Schematic, BoardView, ? hit reload it will Appear
GL :slight_smile: PJ

viewer is blank on my webpage

Hover in the middle and right click reload
GL :slight_smile: PJ

i tried again… it does not work on y computer for some reason… google

Hi Chris,

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May I know which design tool you are using? For EasyEDA, you can check our projects here. We will consider adding examples of the process from design to manufacturing to our knowledge base in the future, exporting Gerber and BOM, pnp files after completing the design is what we need.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have further problems.

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Hi there,
For those who may have wondered why the viewer doesn’t work I found there is a trick to getting it going in some browsers, what I have is Chrome “Version 120.0.6099.130 (Official Build) (64-bit)”
Once you navigate to the Device WIKi page at the right is says Online Schematic Viewer.
Seeed LQQK (@ my suggested fix at the end) You always have to scroll wheel up or Page down to the Viewer area. If you don’t hit it just prefect or fail to align the edges in the Viewport of the Browser window it won’t GO! See the pictures attached.(HTML?active X ,code failure to launch.

Then Right CLICK

Select RELOAD option… After it clears and say’s initializing it will appear in schematic view.

Picking any of the options re-displays and it works quite well

Board is NICE option to the right for download etc.

BOM is Cool Too!
GL :slight_smile: PJ :santa: :v:

SEEED, Put some code on the link that centers the PAGE if you use the navigation on the right or ALERT the user of this Browser shortcoming and centering requirement…

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Wow thanks… I tried it as you said… the first 3 times it didn’t do anything… but the fourth time it did as you said it would… now I will have to wait till I get to my “work” computer to see if I can use the file for anything… but in the mean time’s I feel like progress is being made

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