Xiao esp32s3 sense camera sleep current

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I would say Yes , but already D11 & D12 are on there OPEN so that could be considered , or the mic GPIO’s two :v:
It just always seems half baked… anything LOW power would or should be able to turn OFF.
just makes sense to me NO pun intended… :face_with_peeking_eye:
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Well, as the design of the Camera Sense board currently stands, it is difficult to see a practical application for the board. The power requirements of the camera are very significant and it gets hot too. Maybe you could build it into the head of a mains power plug.

I can think of a way of powering the entire board on\off and waking up using a seperate RTC, the board then behaving like an ESP32S3 in deep sleep, though you loose the ability to save stuff in the ESP32S3 RTC RAM. Then there might be applications for such a small remote camera.

But so much easier if the design were modified.

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Preaching to the Quire here, I agree in the present form it’s more of a Novelty device.
I don’t see the point of the SD card on there no advantage at all over an add on one.
and LOL add it to the round display and you have TWO (well one doesn’t work, when you do that)
It’s cool that such things exists as demo though. Also some folks are having better luck with the Heatsink on the back as well as other camera models .
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i think this was a good R&D project to see what they could do, and in that regard it is a success, we learned about the new fast SD channel … but the camera does not have a flash or IR backlight, it was more of a proof of concept, trying to find a market for the S3 Additional IO