Xiao ESP32 C3 Seeed bin file

I tried to install the WLED firmware on my XIAO EPS32 C3 but it didn’t seem to work. After that I tried put the firmware back to how it was originally. I Followed the steps on the Seed website using the EspRFTestTool but now it doesn’t get recognized by windows when I plug it in the usb (like it used to). I can still use it in bootloader mode and I can connect it if a force it into download mode by grounding GPIO9.
I’m guessing the original firmware in the XIAO esp32 C3 from Seeed is different and that’s why it doesn’t work. Does anyone know where I can find a .bin file for the original Seeed firmware for this chip?

My guess is that the Seeed chip is using the USB Jtag (hence the reason it doesn’t connect anymore) but I’m not 100% sure.

One detail, you need to press and hold RESET BUTTON then plug in the USB connection to the computer, when you use EspRFTestTool to write the firmware。if you do not do so the PC may not recognize

Yes, I did that. I have finished the EspRFTestTool process and wrote the firmware to the board but after the firmware is installed it is required to ground out the GPIO9 pin every time I plug in the board. I don’t want to have to do that every time I plug it in. It seems to me that seeed made a change to the standard ESP32 C3 firmware with their chips. I would prefer to get the firmware file that seeed uses so my board will work correctly again.

I have a similar issue. I believe somewhere along the line I may have incorrectly flashed the wrong file to a partition. Where can the source files for this device be found?! Like the OP, I also tried the Bins provided and they don’t work.

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So I was able to find bin files for the XIAO samd (which I used to unbrick a couple of my XIAO samd’s):

As well as many of the other boards from Seeed on Github but I still haven’t been able to find a .bin file for the Seeed XIAO ESP32 C3.

Maybe its on their Github somewhere but I just cant find it (they have a lot of repositories).
If anyone can help find the file it would be greatly appreciated.

For the ESP32 devices you do not need a specific bootloader. The ESP32’s have their bootloader in ROM, and it cannot be overwritten. It starts when you push the Boot, and then the Reset button, or set the GPIO pins accordingly. For the C3, GPIO2 and GPIO8 must be high and GPIO9 must be low to enter download boot mode. esptool.py can as well switch the device into download boot mode.

I was able to find the solution to my issue. It was the same issue that was happening over here:

I hope that Seeed adds this info to their wiki as it is quite frustrating without this knowledge.
Thanks to everyone that has helped me with this. :slight_smile: