XIAO BLE Sense in deep sleep mode

I am using their BLEUART BLEUart | Bluefruit nRF52 Feather Learning Guide | Adafruit Learning System

Added in these power savings measures as well:

sd_app_evt_wait() ; //SOFT DEVICE “SYSTEM ON” POWER SAVE

Each LED will use about 0.3-1mA. So turn them off if not needed. The USB-C circuit will draw power eve if you have the chip shut down. So should measure the current at the battery. Without the battery and only using USB-C will not get down to uA.

Thanks for the report, I just played around with this for a while, I ended up using suspendLoop(); in Setup(); This gave me ~21 uA while advertising and around ~300-400 uA when connected.



I was stuck around 2-3 mA

Thanks for the feedback. It seems those are very good numbers for an active BLE connection. Yes, the effectiveness (or lack of) of the sd_power_dcdc_mode_set(NRF_POWER_DCDC_ENABLE) and ;sd_power_mode_set(NRF_POWER_MODE_LOWPWR); probably depends on how the circuit is physically built.

Hello @Citric,

Is there any updates on getting the deepsleep/Adafruit library working simultaneously with the IMU? As if I use ver 1.0.0 to get Adafruit working the IMU will not produce results. But if I use the latest firmware, the Adafruit library does not work but the IMU does.

Thank you

Currently R&D does not intend to continue with the development of deep sleep mode content.

Hi - do you have any example sketch that you may share?

I’d like to follow any recommendations on this too. The PCB dimensions of the Seeed Xiao series is really desirable for my project, other options tend to have more of a rectangular shape. I’ve just bricked by board, but have more arriving shortly. I plan to post some power measurements so as to gather some feedback from others that are clearly interested in battery powered projects.