XIAO BLE Sense and multiple UARTs

I would like to the the BLE Sense board for a project for multiple installs (100’s) but I need/want multiple UARTS. I tried Arduinos software serial but it looks like that was not ported over to this board.

Has anyone implemented two or more UARTs on the BLE Sense boards or has an idea on where to point me for some help or information.


The XAIO BLE Sense, has two UARTS that software can access: Serial and Serial1.

The Serial port is connected through the USB connector, and appears as a USB CDC object on Windows or Linux workstations (and, I assume, on Macs but I have no way of testing).

The Serial1 port connections are logic-level signals on the XAIO BLE pins 06 and 07.

I just posted a little test program for XIAO. The exact code also works on the XIAO BLE. (Well, I changed a comment, but otherwise, the code and the functionality are identical.)

Yes, really. Serial1 is alive and well on XIAO and XIAO BLE Sense (and other XIAO stuff as well if anyone wants to give it a try).



Thanks for the response, I should have been more clear on what my needs are, I am working on a system that reads a GPS, (UART) and would like to use one of the EBYTE E220 radio transceivers which need an additional UART. These systems will be remotely located so the serial over the USB does me no good.

Long Story Short: Does anyone know of a solution that would provide two UARTs in addition to the USB UART?