ST-link connection with LoRa E5 Dev Board

Hi. I am trying to connect ST-Link/v3 with LoRa E5 Dev Board to remove RDP with STM32Cube Programmer. STM32Cube Programmer detects ST link, and I even upgraded it. But when I press ‘Connect’ button, it gives me error: “No STM32 target found!”. Both are powered separately through USB’s. Since I am new to all these, I am not sure what else I may be missing. Below is how I have physically connected two:

LoRa: DIO -------> Adapter: DIO
LoRa: CLK ------> Adapter: CLK
LoRa: VCC ------> Adapter: T_VCC
LoRa: GND ------> Adapter: GND

This issue got resolved. I did not know that I have to keep pressing ‘reset’ button on the STM32 board before pressing the ‘connect’ button, and then release ‘reset’ button. Rest of the issues were resolved by following this link:

Just to be clear, there is no way to do the initial wipe without a ST-link? Using some Boot pin combination and the attached USB connector does not work?