"SINGL" Trigger mode

Hello Forumites,

I am having a problem with a new DSO203 that I recently purchased and was hoping someone out there in the forum would be so gracious as to share their valuable knowledge/experience with me.

I am trying to capture a single event. I assume that is done with the “SINGL” trigger mode. However, when I select “SINGL” and the event occurs, it goes from “RUN” to “HOLD”, but no waveform appears on the screen. If the event repeats a second time, then traces appear on the screen, but it is not the waveform corresponding to the event, but rather just a flat zero-voltage signal.

So, the question that I have is, is “SINGL” the right trigger mode to use to capture a single event. If so, how do I get it to display the waveform? If not, how can I go about capturing a single event?

Thank you!

It’s caused by two bugs in Process.c. I fixed them in the marcosin firmware source tree, so he should be releasing it soon.

Here’s a “beta” version. The recommended FPGA version 2.22 is included, but on my DSO it works perfectly even with FPGA 2.5 or 2.61.

After some tests, i can definitely say that FPGA versions > 2.5 are better in syncing and triggering high frequency waveforms.
DSO_Sm_JTV_V1.71.rar (74 KB)

Hi JackTheVendicator,

Thank you for replying and following up!

I have attached a screen shot of the logo screen that is displayed on the DSO when I turn on the unit as it shows the various version numbers. Is the so-called “Hardware Version” the version of the FPGA code?

If so, should I then only upgrade the “Sys” and “App” FW? I have the quick installation guide that came with the unit and it has instructions on how to upgrade FW. Do you know if there are any “gotchas” in the process that I should watch out for to make sure that the unit doesn’t end up just a non-functional brick?

Also, is there any way to save the original FWs for later restoration if necessary?

Finally, is there a real manual out there somewhere available for download? I have been learning (or, more aptly, not learning) how to use the thing strictly by trial and error, as the QIG doesn’t really tell you much.

Thank you again!

No, that’s the board revision number.
If you have never upgraded your DSO, you probably have the 2.5 FPGA. Grab the 2.61 version here viewtopic.php?f=22&t=1929

Actually, there’s no software way to kill the unit (since it can always be restored with the internal serial port). Anyway, I strongly suggest you to make a backup of your license number by temporarily flashing the SYS attached to this post viewtopic.php?p=9337#p9337 and writing it down at boot.

There’s an app around (in source code form) that backups all your flash, but it’s not necessary if you have backed up your serial number.

Here’s a manual specific to the Quad elmicro.com/files/seeedstudio/ds … l_091b.pdf but real experience on oscilloscopes comes from trial and error. Anyway, there are a lot of explicative tutorials on oscilloscopes on youtube. I suggest to focus on the basic trigger functions (an oscope without a trigger is substantially useless).

No problem! :slight_smile:

I did exactly as you said and successfully got a screen shot of the logo screen with the license number and then successfully upgraded FW to the beta FW that you provided. It all went very smoothly and now I can capture single trigger events! This is great! Thank you so much! Oh, and the UI has been improved substantially in this FW too! Thank you for that also!

The improved UI/functions are by marcosin. I only fixed the trigger capture :smiley:

Then, that many thanks to “macrosin”.

By the way, in the new UI, would you be able to tell me how one can save the configuration so that one doesn’t have to re-set everything every time the unit is powered-down then back up again? One of the buttons performed that funtion in the old UI, but the buttons have been reassigned in the new UI.

Thank you again!

long press “circle” button

Thanks for posting the fix. It worked for me too. SNGL mode is very important to me and made the DSO Quad practically useless for my current project. You’ve rescued the DQ from staying in the shipping box!

Being a brand new DQ user (& member of the forum) I was wondering if their is a forum thread that follows the development of the marcosin UI and your work too?

Many Thanks - Doug

It helped me too, many thanks. I especially like removed right hand panel and wider screen.
I do have a “feature” (more like normal operating thing on other DSOs) request: please run it at higher sample rate and make a memory depth similar to screen width, maybe like 1,5-2x wider and not 10-20x like it is now. And, of cause, make it possible to zoom in on the signal while it is stopped.

It’s somewhat implemented: press triangle until the buffer mode changes. It’s not possible to zoom on the waveform, though.