Seeeduino LoRaWan update to 1.5.6 : LoRaWan library missing

Hi, I just followed a prompt from Arduino 1.8.10 IDE to update board support for Seeeduino LoRaWan to 1.5.6 => now I get build errors e.g.“LoRaWan.h not found”. The LoRaWan library is not there. Reverting to 1.3.0 cures this; installing 1.5.6 rather than updating gives same problem.

Has some major change happened in the move from 1.3.x to 1.5.x that I need to act upon?

Please advise, Dave.

Yes, I needed to revert to 1.3 library. I think there was another post indicating a similar problem

Yes, I experienced the same problem.

It seems that the whole LoRaWAN directory is missing in version 1.5.6.

I can confirm that a downgrade to version 1.3.0 can be used as a work-around for the problem

For anyone that’s been held-up by this, I just updated to 1.6.1 and find my code compiles and runs ok with this (latest) board support. Thanks to whoever took this on and fixed it.


…and it seems I spoke too soon. With 1.6.6 (latest) SAMD board support, I’m seeing anomalies like: -

  • ADC values higher than 1.3.0 build, e.g. full-charge LiPo battery voltage now reads 4.7v, previously 4.15v;
  • [/list]
  • Power consumption ~2x higher than 1.3.0 build, e.g. my app now lasts 9hr on its battery; previously 24hr.
  • [/list]

    Not happy! I’m wondering whether I should just stick with 1.3.0 to finish proving my app, then port to another platform that has better board support… e.g. regression testing would be nice, release note would be nice.


    Do you know which ADC values are correct? Have you measured the LiPo voltage with a multimeter at the same time?

    Apologies @haresfur, I did not see your question. Correct voltage for the LiPo is 4.15. I did some investigation around the analog reference settings but this is the same for both versions. (The main difference in 1.6.5 seems to be an #ifdef to support SAMD51 devices) My application is battery-powered IoT so power consumption is the main issue keeping me at 1.3.0… I have not had time to test with the more recent 1.7.x board-support.

    There are some in our latest software. We suggest you to upgrade to the latest Arduino board.