RISK unknown to Power BBG from micro-USB w/ only +5V and ground

Hi, All

Please access the risk for me on:

  1. I try to power BBG from micro-USB with only +5V and ground pins; i.e. remove D+ and D- wire, and to connect with ethernet eth0 port.

  2. I would use a +5V 3A 15watt (switch mode power supply) smps to power the BBG by the micro-USB cable. Should I put a 2A fuse between to prevent to burn the BBG?


Hi there~

We can not see the picture, can you post once again, please? thanks.

Right click mouse and open new webpage to view

Hi there~

You can power the BBG with 5V and GND directly without the D+/D-. You can add the fuse for protection, thanks.

Hi bill,

Thanks for the help but other issue comes up!!

I got the power set up and my BBG can boot (LEDs lite up ok) but I can not connect/access to BBG with ethernet cable !

I try to set static IP adress <LINK_TEXT text=“http://derekmolloy.ie/set-ip-address-to … one-black/”>http://derekmolloy.ie/set-ip-address-to-be-static-on-the-beaglebone-black/</LINK_TEXT> for BBG but with no luck.

Is there any advise for this setup or better to switch to a BBB where a power plug is ready made!

My application is a FA project; eventually I need the BBG to be standalone without PC/NB.