ReSpeaker USB Mic Array Audio Out as Mic In

I have an Audeme MOVI system with a 3.5mm Mic In jack and I want to use the ReSpeaker USB Mic Array for input into

the MOVI.

The MOVI comes with a mic but I was thinking the ReSpeaker would allow me to talk from 10 or 15 feet away from the MOVI instead of having to be right next to it. The problem is the MOVI only has a 3.5mm Mic In jack - no USB, no Line In.

The ReSPeaker has an audio out but it appears that the main issues are that it is a) stereo and b) too high voltage levels.

I know I can build a simple attenuator circuit to drop the voltage to Mic In levels and I can then get a 3.5mm stereo to mono adapter on ebay.

Another question I had was whether or not the ReSpeaker audio out had ‘processed’ data coming out of it ? In other words has all the mic data been massaged for Noise etc. and then pumped to Audio Out ?

Any reason why what I want to do would not work ?

Hi there

only Channel0 Audio is processed by algorithms and other incloude raw data and Playback data . the detail you can find it by visit <LINK_TEXT text=“ … f-box-demo”></LINK_TEXT>. :smiley: