Respeaker 2 MiC hat: Does it support Jetson Nano or is that in the roadmap

Hi Procoller,
Instruction here are obsolete.
We will always update the document in the URL:

And instruction there has been tested, OK on Jetson Nano.

Thank you turmay, Baozhu for your reply…
Let me check my steps/commands.

Hello turmary,
I have followed the steps and it was working. But i noticed some noise in recorded audio’s left channel.
About my setup: Jetson nano B01 i have R32.4.3 or JetPack Image 4.4 and 2mic array is directly connected on 40 pin header.

Things that i have tried,

  1. Disconnect AC power adapter and connect with DC battery.
  2. Connect 2mic array with jumper wires to make some distance from jetson.

But nothing worked.

Attached spectrogram of audio file!

Anyone came across this type of issue?
I am stuck at this stage.
Any help much appreciated.