Python code for raspberry pi 4-chan adc hat

Where can I find python examples and/or a library for the raspberry pi 4 channel adc hat?

Hi @rkh, You can find the installation guide at the 4-Channel 16-Bit ADC for Raspberry Pi (ADS1115) WiKi .


  • Step 1 . Power up Raspberry Pi.
  • Step 2 . Open the terminal and type the following commands.
cd ~git clone ~/pi-hats/toolssudo ./ -u adc_ads1115sync
  • Step 3 . Power off Raspberry Pi.
  • Step 4 . Insert the HAT to Raspberry Pi
  • Step 5 . Power up Raspberry Pi.

List install status

 ./ -l


If your installation was successful, you should be able to see the following result.

pi@raspberrypi:~/pi-hats $ ./ -l
adc_ads1115   : installed
rtc_ds1307    : not installed
rtc_ds3231    : not installed

I did all that and the board works. I was specifically asking for python code, which is not included in your distribution. I was able to find code that is perfect for my application at

Great, Glad to know that.