Problem in the step of Authorize Alexa.

I’m testing ReSpeaker Core V2.0 based on the wiki.

In the step of Authorize Alexa, I connected to ReSpeaker through VNC, and excuted the firefox ESR.

But mozilla crash reporter is appeared and then firefox ESR is not excuted.

Is there any solution?

HI there,

We use the 2018.8.1 image and can not simulate the issue. please download the image and burn it one more and see if the issue is gone. by the way, when you open the firefox first time, you have to click the learn more and then type the for authorization. thanks.

I experienced the same problem myself - after updating/upgrading the system, the Mozilla Firefox version was upgraded from version 52.9.0 to version 68.3.0esr. This cause Firefox-esr to be crashed every time I tried to use it as a VNC viewer’s internet browser. The problem was solved after reverting the system back to the original 2018.8.1 image.