Pick and Place for through-hole components

Hi there!

I’m trying to put a number of male pin headers on my PCB and I would like these to be assembled by SEEED during PCBA process.

What is the correct way to define these in the assembly instructions?

I have per board:

3pcs 6P Male

1pcs 3x3P Male

2pcs 18P Male

I am using Eagle software. You can see an image of the board layout here:
[attachment=0]A2B Controller V4 Top (1).png[/attachment]

Thank you
A2B Controller V4 Top (1).png

Can I just write in text notes in the assembly instructions?


“Please solder the following:

Part number XXXX at JP1


Thank you


Hi Elliot,

Thanks for your question, ideally this is just the same as any other component. Give the headers a designator e.g. J1, J2 and make sure they are marked on the silkscreen, then in the BOM file you would input the designator and the header part number in one line.


Designator ----- MPN

J1, J2, J3 ------ (3pcs 6P Male MPN)

J4 --------------- (1pcs 3x3P Male MPN)

J5, J6 ---------- (2pcs 18P Male MPN)

Hope that helps,

Can I ask suggested MPN’s for

18P Female Pin header


  • I can’t find these parts in the OPL.
  • Other footprints I can find are for generic pin-headers (without specifying female)
  • I can’t find a relevant MPN elsewhere online

    Thank you


The longer the header the harder it is to find, especially female headers/receptacles.

Though there are some by Sullins Connector Solutions and TE that are readily available.

Consider PPTC181LFBN-RC or 6-534237-6 for 2.54mm pitch

Hope that was what you were looking for