Recieved my Unit in the mail…


  1. Antenna is not included, is it safe to operate without the external antenna attached?

  2. How to load XIAO ESP32C6 into Arduino Board Manager

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Hi there,
Nice, expect mines to land later today, (Duey Huey & Louwie) DHL :grinning:
Wonder when the New BSP’s will hit? WoW, no antenna that’s kinda weak WTH?
Probably ok , but won’t get WiFi or BLE then.
Awesome they are shipping though!
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

EDIT; It’s got both an onboard Ceramic built in antenna and a UFL connector for an external one. :smile: :+1:

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For question 2, you can

Then, you would need to manually update the installed package with some missing parts, which are on the repository but not yet included in the Alpha 3 package. For example in Alpha 3, boards.txt does not list XIAO_ESP32C6, but the repository includes it.

Please take care in using LED_BUILTIN instead of 5 or 13 mentioned in the examples, as the numbers may interfere with the board and the boot-loader. Pressing the BOOT button saved me from a board without Serial.

The WiFi examples work fine. I faced building issues with the Bluetooth examples. I guess the Alpha 3 package still needs to mature.


good info! thanks

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Hi there,
here’s the Back too, I updated the Antenna (has both), Glad we get a user LED.
I like where the BAT + & - are on this (out of the way near the end), Ripe for a socket with all the PINS for the bottom.
No-way they don’t produce a Expansion Board that works with the many ESP32’s Xiao’s they got going on the menu now. (4) C3, S3, S3 Sense, C6. $5.20 cents WOW that’s Cheap. :star_struck:
GL :slight_smile: PJ :v:

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Where can I find a schematic for XIAO_ESP32C6?

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Hi there,
So All I have seen so far is the data sheet

and the json file here.
GL :slight_smile: PJ

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It was found here.


Hi @msfujino
We have recently placed the schematic files within the Wiki


I’m new to reading circuit diagrams. What’s the unlabeled copper pad on the back of the C6 (just above the word “seeed”? Is it ground?

it is a heat sink… dont connect anything to it… unless you are designing a board you can connect it to a heat sinking plain…

The just-released ESP32 core 3.0.0 now officially supports the Xiao ESP32-C6.

ArduinoIDE board manager was still 3.0.0-rc1.
Is there any documentation to download 3.0.0 from Github and make it available in ArduinoIDE?

After deleting the remaining “…_dev_index.json” file, I can now use 3.0.0.