NEW Releasing: STM32MP157C Development Board and Look forward to your ideas!

Hi Ole00,

Thanks for figuring out this important issue. Actually, we have a plan to break out the Cortex-M4 to the raspberry pi standard 40-pin connector, and will provide an Arduino HAT in the future, do you think this is an acceptable solution for you?

From the block diagram in the datasheet, we can see that the data transfers between the A7 and M4 via multi-AHB bus and AXI bus. Theoretically, the M4 and A7 can’t access the SRAM at the exact same time but might be able to access and switch in a very short time.


Thanks for your understanding. We will have the samples in Middle July, and if everything goes well, it will be released in early September.


I’m happy to see the comments here.

Well, I think it’s possible to “route” pins in the SoC GPIO between the A7 and the M4, right?

So, based on that, the 40-pin Raspberry Pi connectors should not be a problem.

Exposing the SWD is excellent to use it with the ST-Link V2 (or equivalent).

Thanks for the reply about the USB-Serial and display.

So, the focus of this SBC, for now, is to use it with display or “headless”, right?

Any updates?

Hi Yokonav,

Thanks for the following up. We will get the first batch of sample this week. Will update the photos here once we get the samples.

The latest version just came out! But we will update more based on your suggestions! Please free feel to let us know your thoughts. We will carefully listen to and take action!


This is a great initiative!

Which port the Grove connector provides? I hope I²C.

Which SDK (or SDKs) do you plan to use for the Cortex-M4 core? Apart from STM32Cube, do you plan to consider the Wiring/Arduino framework!

Good luck with the development!

Wow! Looks great! Have you decided the name yet?

It is probably too late. But the Arduino mega 2560 form factor would be nice.

Many people(me included) use a RaspberryPi with an Arduino mega2560 and Ramps board for 3d printing. With a meaga2560 form factor and a 3.3V Ramps board this board could be a much better solution for 3d printing. It would be better because it would replace the Arduino and the Raspberry. And it would also have much more performance on the real time part. That would help with complicated movement especially with Delta printers. Octoprint could run in the Linux section, Marlin 2.0 could run on the M4 section.

The 40-pin connector, if RaspberryPi compatible does have less than 40 GPIO and it would not be enough to drive a printer. Therefore as said in a much earlier post. More GPIO would be better !!!

From the performance point of view the most recent RaspberryPis will be much better on CPU power. So the real benefit of this CPU is the integrated Cortex-M4. And that is best for real time control stuff. And therefore the M4 needs as many Pins as possible! (GPIO, SPI, I2C, UART)

Hi reivillo,

The Grove port is I2C :smiley:

I am sorry that for now we are not considering the Wiring/Arduino framework.

Hi Yokonav,

The name is decided already.

For the SoM, it is Seeed SOM-STM32MP157C. This is the most understandable name for our users, and we will have more SOM in the future us SOM+IC Name.

For the SoM+Based Board, we call it the NPi-STM32MP157C. “NPi” looks simple and easy to remember, the word “NPI” also means “New Product Introduction” in the product development process, which means a good start. Also, we hope our users don’t consider this product as Pi, “NPi” also means “Not Pi”.

Hope you like the idea :smiley:

Hi Lars_poetter,

Thanks for this idea and detailed explanation.

The Mega form factor is great, it has a lot of GPIOs. If we got a second chance, we will definitely have more consideration for it.

The reason why we choose Pi form factor is that there are already many HAT in the market that suitable for industrial application. We didn’t consider Arduinos at all because we thought Arduino still gives people the impression that it is for DIYs, and not for a serious project.

We will think about how to provide more GPIOs while still make the board looks more professional in future product. Thank you!

Yes I liked it! That’s cool! When can we expect to try out the board?

We are debugging the first batch sample, and will make some amendment to it. For example, it is not easy to get the mcu with firmware already flashed for ST-Link, we may consider removing ST-Link.

If everything goes well, we can get second batch sample in September. We are considering send some free samples of the second batch to the repliers of this topic to review the board. :smiley:

Interesting product looking forward to using this board…

Thanks Jeremy! What’s the updates? Please let me know if you want me to test it out.

Hi Looking for STM32MP157C board even prototype or unfinished

@jeremy How are things coming along?

The top right corner of the first picture is the stepper motor, right?It looks different from what I saw.

Hi Yokonav,

Sorry for getting back to you late. The product was delayed to release due to some marketing strategy change. Thankfully everything starts to proceed again, I am so glad to tell you that it will be release as pre-order next week. And we will have stock in early March.

BTW, the product’s name is changed, new name is ODYSSEY - STM32MP157C. Hope you like it~