New Product Ideas: Wio Mate - enables your grove sensor to be wireless

IoT project is often restricted to the cable connection between main board and sensor modules, and sensors can’t be flexible wireless allocated.

Therefore I consider that we should have a module for grove sensor to enable wireless transmission between main board and various sensors, even actuating units.

Wio Mate is an add-on IoT transmission module with WiFi / Bluetooth RTL8722 SoC, with an online IoT platform which enables users conveniently obtain and analyze wireless return data on both PC and mobile terminal. WIO Mate can also be adapted to the mainstream wireless IoT development board. The development environment is Arduino IDE, or online platform with Arduino IDE function. Wio Mate can make ordinary developers, electronic enthusiasts and makers use wireless sensors to do IoT projects in indoor and short-distance scenes.

For the Wio Link product, what function would you like to add? And what’s your other expectations? Your suggestion and input is more welcomed. Please don’t hesitate to share your thoughts to us, and let’s make this product perfect together!


Since the Wio Mate is focused on a sensor network, the BLE Mesh is a good option.