NEW Product Idea:Grove Kit compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Nano


Jetson Nano is Bringing AI Computing to Everyone

At Seeed Studio, not only you can get Jetson Nano in hands, we have the new product idea of the Grove Kit compatible with Jetson Nano help you reach AI with Jetson Nano by only plug and play.

Nvidia’s new Jetson Nano is a single-board computer aimed at bringing powerful AI computing to the makers, learners, and developers. It can run multiple neural networks on each sensor streams and supports the most popular AI frameworks today including TensorFlow, PyTorch, Caffe, and MXNet.

Also, we updated Python Library

Now you can connect Grove Base Hat for Raspberry Pi with Jetson Nano to make more possibilities with over 20 Grove modules!

Grove Voice Kit compatible with NVIDIA Jetson Nano might include

ReSpeaker 2-Mic Array

Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor (SHT31)

Grove - IMU 9DOF (ICM20600 + AK09918)

[url=[/url]Grove - I2C HubGrove - I2C Hub

Grove - 16x2 LCD (While on Blue)

Grove - Relay

Grove - Mech Keycap


Raspberry Pi 40-Pin Female Header

However, this will not be the final decision! We are still looking forward your ideas to make it better !

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I think a high quality camera system would be good addition. Even a 3D visual TOF depth camera could take advantage of Jetson nano’s processing capabilities.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -3025.html”></LINK_TEXT>

I think it might be a good idea to create ‘Voice and Vision’ kit instead.

The reason is that Nvidia Jetson nano is very powerful. It is possible to create a lot of vision based AI program that could be interest to both young learners and adult innovators.

Hope this make sense to you.

Hello there,

Well, considering that we are targeting the NVIDIA Jetson Nano, one of the most powerful development kits at the time, it would be great to have at least a camera and some sort of microphone/speaker in the kit, as the system is made to match AI applications.

So, based on what SeeedStudio already have, I’d recommend to add a MIPI-CSI Camera, like those made for Raspberry Pi:

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … -2800.html”></LINK_TEXT>

Unfortunately, I’m not sure about the support on the Jetson Nano for the Raspberry Pi Camera Module. If it supports it, excellent.

I vote to change the Grove - IMU 9DOF (ICM20600 + AK09918) for the Grove - IMU 9DOF v2.0 - The last is a more recent and updated version.

I vote to change the Grove - Temperature and Humidity Sensor (SHT31) for the Grove-Temperature-Humidity-Pressure-and-Gas-Sensor-BME68 - It adds more sensors like pressure and gas, which would feed/fit more AI and machine learning applications for weather, air quality, etc.

I vote to change the for the /I2C-LCD-With-universal-Grove-cable - It would be great to have a “bigger screen” as part of the kit. Also, it is a graphical display - More information to display :wink:

And about the Grove - Mech Keycap - Do you have any option for some module with more buttons available? I was thinking in something like this guy here:

The ReSpeaker 2 is a good choice, >BUT< it will limit the usage of other IOs and more features of the Kit. I see that you tried to “compensate” that with a I2C Hub. (Also, I’d suggest for another version of the ReSpeaker 2 to continue to expose the GPIOs from the RPi).

See this guy over here to see what I’m talking: GrovePi-Zero-GrovePi0

For now, my opinion is to maintain the ReSpeaker 2-Mic Array, as it is our “source” for audio and speaker for the board.

One question:

The Raspberry Pi 40-Pin Female Header is to increase the size of the connectors, because of the Jetson Nano heatsink next to it?

Best regards,

Andre Curvello

Hi Andre,

Love your ideas!

Regarding the support for Raspberry Pi MIPI-CSI Camera on Jetson nano, we are not sure too, will try to find out. If it is supported, we will add the camera in the kit.

For other ideas, they are all great! However, most of them are more expensive solutions than the current one. We will try to find a balance between the function and price.

To answer the last question, yes you are correct, the 40-Pin Female Header is to increase the size of the connectors due to the heatsink.

Totally agree with you, will try to add a camera module in the kit.

It would be good to have a camera that could provide high frame rates with MIPI CSI-2. For machine vision high frame rates would be ideal. Not sure if this is possible through grove system.

I don’t think Grove could do this.

Grove only has 4 pins, so that is GND, VCC, SDA, SCL (power and camera control). At this point, we are full without even transferring the desired data!

Even if we made it a double grove connector two of them would have to be additional clock lines, then that leaves only 2 for data.

The communication rate is rather high. With our Grove cables, you would probably get a mess of data out the other side. That’s why they use the flex PCB cables I assume as they have very low impedance.

That being said we could always try to source a good camera to potentially bundle with the kit. The Jeston Nano does have a MIPI-CSI connector. Would be great to give you all more toys to play with! :wink:

Thanks Seth for explaining that. Perhaps it is good idea to work on a Camera Cape for Nvidia Jetsone Nano (and upcoming AI capable boards)? We could brainstorm the pros and cons of such a camera cape.

Having few additional Grove connectors on this cape would allow adding sensors easily. At least for my conservation projects it would be a ideal addition.

Here are two suitable cameras kits: One is high end and other more economical.

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … egius.html”></LINK_TEXT>

<LINK_TEXT text=“ … 233_e.html”></LINK_TEXT>

I think we can design a seeed car kit with motor drives and cameras, as well as compatible motor recommendations.

That’s because the nvidia Jetson nano is so creative and powerful that It can create programs that attracts both the young and old generation.