Lipo Rider 1.3 Does not have low voltage cutoff protection


I recently put together a solar powered weather sensor using a Lipo Rider 1.3, a 3.7v LIPO cell and a 80x100 Solar panel.

I was doing some testing and I noticed the LIPO Rider does not have a low voltage cutoff and was able to pull the LIPO cell down to 1.7v.

I am now no longer able to charge this LIPO cell above 3.7v so I would say it has been over-discharged and is now useless.

Can you please make a note on the web page that there is no over-discharge protection / low volatge protection as part of the charge controller?

Do any of the other LIPO Rider products have a low voltage or overdischarge protection circuit built in ?



Will look into that and get back to you ASAP!