How to choose a suitable WI-FI module

Dear R & D Engineers.
You still worry about how to choose a low power modules,EMW3162 Would be a good choice.
EMW3162 is the new module that design by MXCHIP in the 2013. For the embedded products applications, it focus on the ultra-low power low cost. This Wi-Fi wireless LAN module. It combines the latest Wi-Fi technology and microcontroller technology, within IEEE802.11b/g/n wireless communications and a variety of energy-saving mode, widely used in a variety of new intelligent electronic products. It has the latest features EMW316x series modules, but also keep the pin is fully compatible with EMW3280 module.

EMW3162 built-in frequency up to 120MHz Cortex-M3 microcontroller STM32F205RG, 1M byte of Flash, 128k bytes of SRAM and extensive peripheral functions with the MxchipWnet embedded Wi-Fi firmware.

Users can easy and quick add Wi-Fi network communications capabilities for embedded devices. You can use MxchipWNet software library developed directly on a variety of embedded Wi-Fi module applications.
Typical applications:

Building automation / access control, security control systems
Automatic House appliances
Medical and personal care system
Mobile point of sale system (POS)
Automotive Electronics


EasyLink a key configuration
Ultra-low power consumption, keep the network connection only 7mA
Seamless roaming switch
Network transmission speed, the actual up to 20Mbps
Built-in real-time operating system, the new software system

Let’s discuss together How to choose a suitable WI-FI module…
if you need any help ,just let me know!

Hi shibi,
I have noticed that there are two types of EMW 3162 Wifi modules sale on SEEED,EMW3162 WiFi Module and EMW3162 WiFi Module (External IPEX antenna) . How can I distinguish them when choosing to buy one, what is the difference when using them?

Hi Shibi,

I saw the EMW3165 is just out.
Where do i get resources to the developement tools and documentation of the firmware and it’s api’s?

Hi Guys,

I’ve just ordered a few of these devices, but at the moment its unclear how to develop for them.

It looks like the Wifi is controlled via SDIO, so there must be an API for this interface.

Its also unclear how to even compile for this board.

Well, compilation in general for this processor should not be a problem, as it can even be done using the Arduino IDE (see just search or Arduino STM32 on your favorite search engine and you will find the Arduino stuff )

However there will need to be an API for the link from the microcontroller to the Wifi module via the SDIO.

I suspect MXChip probably use the STMCubeMX HAL or Standard Peripheral Library to communicate with the SDIO device (but they may not)

So. SeeedStudio

Please let us know how to use this item that you are selling :wink:

Can anyone describe how the TCP/IP Stack (mxchipWNetTM?) works?

Is it something like lwip, a small opensource stack that the user customizes and modifies for the application? Or is it a binary library blob that exposes the networking function thru an API?

From what I’ve read some of the more inexpensive network chips limit you as to what applications you can run… for example no support for https, ftp, etc.

All I can find on their website is a binary blob which I think is for an older product, i.e the 3162 rather than the 3165

Which implies that the stack is closed source.
This is not uncommon, but also far from ideal

Also, its unclear at the moment what compiler the blob is designed for, lets hope its GCC arm, rather than some expensive proprietary compiler.

Unfortunately at the moment, despite having contacted MXChip and SeedStudio about these devices, neither company has replied.

I’m now wondering if I made a big mistake by ordering some EW3165 devices from here :frowning: