Honey, I fried my signal generator?

Great tormod, thanks! That was a real fun for me. Eventually I managed to waste completely the power part of DSO, so I just use it by supplying 4V to the switch directly from a standalone power supply. Anyways, I don’t need more for now.

By the way, if I were in the same situation and would need to solder a new microcontroller into place, I would consider replacing it with a pin-compatible model with more RAM for the sake of hacking :slight_smile: What about running uClinux on it* :slight_smile:

*Ref: AN3012

Hi tormod

The link to bootloader has died. Can you please upload it again? Also, is that possible that I also upload it somewhere?


I have reuploaded it. I don’t know the terms for distributing this data, but I guess it is OK to let Nano owners reflash it.

Hi. I fired it too. After replace CPU I need origin bootloader. Link in post no longer valid. Where I can find it?