HM3301 Algorithm and Model

Hello Seeed Community ,

I am currently assembling a continuous Air Quality Measuring device as a Masterthesis.

So naturally, I have to dig a little deeper and ask a specific question.

In the description of the " Grove - Laser PM2.5 Sensor (HM3301) " it says:

"With specific mathematical model and algorithm, the count concentration and mass concentration of the dust particles is obtained. "

I could not find any further specifications about the algorithm or model, but they are crucial for scientific analysis.

As 2017 went by, the CEN has given out Standards for the validation of air quality devices. (read: EU Standard Methods for monitoring and UK Approach )

The one parameter, that I am mostly interested in is the volume of air that is taken for the Mass/Volume output of the HM3301.

Can anyone help me here? :slight_smile:

Love from Berlin



The HM-3300/3600 dust sensor is composed of main components such as a fan, an infrared laser source, a condensing mirror, a photosensitive tube, a signal amplifying circuit and a signal sorting circuit.


More details about the sensor are provided here: HM-3300/3600 Dust Sensor Data Sheet