help on AT command Tester installation

Dear Sir

I intend to use the AT command tester as a tool for some research but the user interface could not be launched properly though the downloaded .exe file from installed successfully. The java was also updated as the requirement. my machine is window 10 64 BR


I have installed it on my computer and It runs well. Are you sure you have installed the correct version of jdk? I suggest you uninstall JDK and reinstall JDK(64 bit) again.
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Thank you for the responseAs you can see it from the control panel list i do install java SE 64 bit but the shortcut created on the desktop for the AT command tester is as shown on the capture. when i install java using Firefox the page recommend me to use another browser so i use internet explorer for downloading and installing it. Do i need to uninstall and check again ?


Please try download JDK from this page and reinstall it.


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Thank you sir

it has worked now when i tried it on windows 7 ultimate (mine was windows 10 Enterprise) may be that is the problem but i appreciate for all your help and time.

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