Grove SGP30 Issues

Thank your for your answer,

I am not only able to read and comprehend simple installation instructions, I also have nearly 40 years of IT experience.

That said, your step by step instruction fails big time when applied onto a Raspi 4 with Raspian OS “bullseye” release.

So… do you want me to repeat another install, this time with “buster”? That would complete the dozen (!) installs I have done because of your broken installation scripts and your total disregard of maintenance regarding your products’ software.

My sincere apologies for being truly honest at this point, but after nearly a month, suggestions by forum users (!) you apply to your “solution” and then telling me to stick to another broken routine, I am not sure what kind of company and what kind of support team you entertain.

At this point, I once more politely ask you to provide a working software base for your product as advertised.

I am fiddling and tuning and fixing stuff for decades. The one thing I cannot stand is being lectured when things are simply completely broken and it is your job to fix them.

Instead of keeping me busy for another month, fix your stuff.


I took the time to once more install a pristine raspbian os “buster”, although it’s old stable.

Step-by-step installation failed again, although I managed to correct the issues this time.

After applying your “solution” to one more file than described I now receive some output from the sensor.

I hope you take the time to once more check your installation routine and your scripts, especially for a “bullseye” installation. The current state - after your workaround - has the potential for enormous frustrations.

Still seriously overwhelmed :frowning:

Hello, I’m sorry to have caused you a very bad experience. We have reported to the industry and research institute to solve this problem as soon as possible, but it will take a while. In our current documentation, we provide two ways to install Grove. From previous experience, if the first way doesn’t work, the second step-by-step installation method is still valid. According to your statement, the second method is also invalid at present, then we will do the test again. We also know that the cause of the problem is the problem of the Raspberry Pi system. If you need to use it urgently, we recommend that you replace the system with The old system before January 2020, if you are not in a hurry, please wait a moment, we will fix this problem as soon as possible, sorry again.