Grove Inductive LDC1612, External coil


I can’t seem to set the registers correctly to stabilize a custom external coil using the Grove LDC1612 library.

How do I properly set the registers to accommodate this coil? L=4.32uH, C=300pF, Rp=3.9k

Does our code in this document not work?

The code works with the supplied Grove coils. I can’t get it to work well with my own custom coil.

custom coil ? what’s that ?

I have my own PCB coil attached to CH1 of the Grove Inductive Sensor.

Hi, you will need to edit the library itsself, this file: C:\Users\xxxxx\Documents\Arduino\Libraries\Seeed_LDC1612\Seeed_LDC1612.cpp.
Scroll down to this section:

s32 LDC1612::single_channel_config(u8 channel) {
/Set coil inductor parameter first./
/20 TURNS/
set_Rp(CHANNEL_0, 15.727);
set_L(CHANNEL_0, 18.147);
set_C(CHANNEL_0, 100);
set_Q_factor(CHANNEL_0, 35.97);

and set Rp to 3.9, L to 4.32 and C to 300. If you don’t know the Q factor of your coil, leave it as is.
If you are using dual coils, also edit this section of the cpp file:

s32 LDC1612::LDC1612_mutiple_channel_config() {

See also this paragraph.