Grove Capacitive Water Sensor fails to work after power cycle

I am sorry that we did not consider the case of power failure when we were designing.

i just bought one of these and have discovered the same problem. how is that NOT one of the first things you think of when creating a sensor that is going to be connected to a microcontroller? especially when you’re touting easy of use w/ “plug and play” components.

has any progress been made on a software solution to fixing this issue that doesn’t require flashing the firmware? i’d really like be able to use it as part of an automated solution.

I have just bought 2 of these for a project to fill a couple of containers.
But as everyone above has noticed after a POR the results come back to 0.
This post is now 3 years old so why isn’t the firmware fixed already?

Is there any progress regarding the release of firmware with corrections regarding calibration?