firefox-esr not working, librosa linker errors

Hi all,

Just want check with others if they have similar problems to me.

My config - respeaker core v2. 64Gb sdcard running the standard lxqt image.

After installation, I did:

  • sudo apt-get update
  • sudo apt-get upgrade
  • used fdisk to expand the sdcard to full size.

    At this stage, everything seems to work ok (audacity works, vnc works, alsamixer, arecord etc)

    However: the following bits are not working
  • firefox -> gives a segmentation fault
  • I also tried to install ‘librosa’ (needs a manual build of llvm 6.0) - seems to install ok but I get linker errors when trying to run it
  • chromium installs but crashes on start

    Have other been able to run firefox or any browser…

I also have this same problem.

You can reproduce it by starting with the lxqt OS image, and executing:

$ sudo apt-get update

$ sudo apt-get upgrade

After the upgrade, Firefox-esr no longer works. I notice that a new version of Firefox-esr is installed as part of the upgrade. .

This does not matter for our IoT/flash environment, but it sure messes up our development environment! Can we get a new OS image that fixes this? Not having a local browser is a really hassle - and some steps for authentication require it!

Thanks, David Rogers

use ‘sudo apt-mark hold firefox-esr’ before udate.


Firefox is not working for me after the update on my Core v2.0. Is there a way to install a previous build? Or is the only solution starting all over again by flashing the OS with a SD-card? And then not doing the update for Firefox?